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About Me

I'm Katie Grace, and I believe that memories are meant to be captured.


I want to capture your most precious moments and turn them into a priceless film you'll cherish forever.


It is so amazing to be able to look back at all the special moments in our lives and know that we can relive and replay them whenever we desire. We never have to forget the memories - how someone made us feel, the look in a loved one's eyes, the laughs shared, or the words spoken. 


It is an honor that I can offer this opportunity to people, to capture their favourite memories for them. It is such a gift from God. 


Whether you're falling in love, engaged or getting married - there are so many beautiful moments to capture all along the way. It is my mission to make your film beautiful, authentic and true to you!


Let me capture your most genuine, special moments and tell your story in a film you can hold onto forever.

I'm so happy we found each other!

Get To Know The Face Behind The Camera

Photo of girl with hair tossed
I have a degree in communications, with a major in journalism - so I’ve always loved storytelling.

Some of the classes I took were photojournalism and video production.  My love for being creative and telling a good story led me here!

Photo of girl sitting on floor smiling
Rapid fire facts:
  • I love sushi.

  • Can’t live without ice cream.

(But really, it’s Jesus I can’t live without.)

  • #Swiftie

  • I was born in BC but moved to AB when I was little!

  • I drive a baby blue car named Elsa.

Photo of girl holding camera by face
My first job ever was...

...working in the photo lab at Shoppers Drug Mart! Look how far I’ve come.

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